Mental Health Resources App
and Responsive Website
Dhirendra Paudel
The product:
Mental Health Resources is a digital platform focused
on mental health well being. The platform needs a
tool that helps people learn about and manage their
mental health. Mental Health Resources’ primary
target users include students and adults who are
concerned with the mental health and would like to
learn more about what they can do to improve
mental health well being.
Project overview
Project duration:
March 2023 to April 2023
The problem:
Access to mental health resources is an
important issue that affects many communities
around the world. Mental health is essential
for overall wellbeing, and it can have a
significant impact on a person's quality of life.
Unfortunately, many people face barriers to
accessing mental health resources, such as
stigma, cost, and lack of information.
Project overview
The goal:
Design a digital platform that will ensure that
everyone has access to mental health
My role:
UX designer leading the app and responsive
website design from conception to delivery
Project overview
Conducting interviews, paper and digital
wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping,
conducting usability studies, accounting for
accessibility, iterating on designs, determining
information architecture, and responsive
the user
User research
Problem statements
Competitive audit
User research: summary
In my research study for designing a way for communities to ensure access to mental health
resources, I conducted user interviews based on a set of questions developed using the personas
and goals defined earlier in the design process. Participants reported a strong desire for easy
access to mental health resources and information, particularly in areas with limited resources.
Many expressed frustration with the difficulty of finding and accessing resources, and a desire for
more centralized and streamlined options. The feedback from the research indicated a need for a
user-friendly platform that could help connect users with resources and provide guidance on
navigating the mental health system.
Persona 1: Purna Shova
Problem statement:
Purna Shova is a mental health
counselor who needs a
platform that allows people to
easily find and connect with
mental health professionals in
their area, regardless of their
location or financial situation,
because limited resources are
available for mental health care
in her community and many of
her clients struggle to afford or
find a good fit for counseling
Persona 2: Durga Prasad
Problem statement:
Durga Prasad is a factory
worker who needs affordable
and accessible mental health
resources in his community
because he struggles with
anxiety and depression, but is
unable to afford the high cost
of counseling services and faces
stigma associated with seeking
mental health care in his
Competitive audit
An audit of a few
products provided
direction on gaps
and opportunities
to address with the
Mental Health
Resources digital