PsyCT Website Design
Dhirendra Paudel
The product:
Psychological Courses Tests (PsyCT) is an e-learning and
testing website dedicated to mental health. The typical
user is between 18-50 years old, and most users are
students or individuals striving for mental health well-
being. PsyCT's goal is to provide individuals access to
academically validated psychological assessment tools and
courses regarding mental health.
Project overview
Project duration:
Feb 2023 to March 2023
The problem:
Available online psychological courses and
assessment tools have cluttered designs, are
difficult to browse through, and are expensive
and confusing due to inadequate resources.
Project overview
The goal:
Design a PsyCT free-to-use website to be user-
friendly by providing clear navigation and
offering a course in addition to tests for
psychological assessment.
My role:
UX designer leading the PsyCT website design
Project overview
Conducting interviews, paper and digital
wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping,
conducting usability studies, accounting for
accessibility, iterating on designs and
responsive design.
the user
User research
Problem statements
User journey maps
User research: summary
I conducted user interviews, which I then turned into empathy maps to better understand the target
user and their needs. I discovered that many target users surf online psychology tests and courses
when they seek self help for mental health well-being. However, many psychological courses and
tests websites are overwhelming and confusing to navigate, which frustrated many target users. This
caused a normally help seeking experience to become challenging for them, defeating the purpose
of help.
User research: pain points
Psychology courses and
tests website designs are
often complex, which
results in confusing
Small buttons on
psychological tests
websites make item
selection difficult, which
sometimes leads users
to make mistakes
1 2
Online pyschological
tests and courses
websites don’t provide
an engaging browsing