Bookkeeper App Design
Dhirendra Paudel
The product:
Bookkeeper is an app designed for bookkeeping for a
fitness trainers. The app offers a guided free and easy
way to record financial transactions. Bookkeeper targets
customers like fitness trainers and freelancers who lack
the time or ability to record their financial transactions.
Project overview
Project duration:
January 2022 to September 2022.
The problem:
Fitness trainers and freelancers lack the proper
knowledge to record their financial records
Project overview
The goal:
Design an app which helps users to easily
record their financial
transactions(income/expenses) and track their
My role:
UX designer designing an app for bookkeeping
for a fitness trainers from conception to
Project overview
Conducting interviews, paper and digital
wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping,
conducting usability studies, accounting for
accessibility, and iterating on designs.
the user
User research
Problem statements
User journey maps
User research: summary
I conducted interviews and created empathy maps to understand the users I’m
designing for and their needs. A primary user group identified through research
was fitness trainers who work as freelancers.
This user group confirmed initial assumptions about lack of knowledge in bookkeeping, but
research also revealed that knowledge was not the only factor limiting users from bookkeeping.
Other user problems included diverse income, obligations, interests, or challenges that make it
difficult to record their financial transaction and track their inventory.
User research: pain points
It would be time saving if
they can record financial
transactions anytime
and anywhere on mobile
Lack of knowledge in
procedures. Lack of
guides in related apps.
Lack of affordable and
free apps on
bookkeeping. Lack of
finance to hire
Due to diverse nature of
income and expenses,
most freelance fitness
trainers need integrated
and customizable app
for bookkeeping
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Persona: Yogini Nutan
Problem statement:
Yogini Nutan is a yoga
instructor who needs
bookkeeping app with
instructions because that
would guide for
recording financial
transactions and save
her time.
User journey map
Mapping Yogini Nutan’s
user journey revealed
how helpful it would be
for users to have access
to a dedicated and
guided bookkeeping
Paper wireframes
Digital wireframes
Low-fidelity prototype
Usability studies
the design